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IBM Computers holiday party 2

Greetings everyone!!

According to the Webster’s Dictionary, the word “Prolific” means to produce a large quantity of something. That said, I have also heard (and believe) that David Copperfield is the most prolific magician in the world today. In other words, he does more shows than anyone.
This is not to take away from the business of other lesser named entertainers such as myself, it just means that David Copperfield really does work for what he has and what he desires and that is encouraging to me!

IBM Computers holiday party

As I write this, I am getting ready for a doctor check-up and needed vaccination shots for the holiday season as I am going to be around a lot of children when I play Santa in Baltimore MD. I am not nervous about the shots (“Is that your shortest needle?! I did it! I took the Linbergh baby, I am Joseph Mengele!!” Ernest P. Worrell) but it does illustrate the lengths that I am willing to go through to make sure that everyone is happy and entertained. The sacrifices are great, but in the end (I hope that is not where I am getting them) it is worth it all!


I am about to turn a half a century. 50 years on this planet, and it seems as though time has sped up at warp speed. My complaint about this is that I am realizing that I am in a race to get done what I need to and it is hectic.
Let me tell you, I have been getting my “Howling Halloween Magic Show” out of moth ball and cleaning things up because this weekend will be the first of the season.
Funny how one season ends and another is already on the way. That is the nature of the business. Anyway, this show has lots of fun displays like the famous Siberian Shackle escape and other tributes to the greatest escape artist that ever lived. The “Howling Halloween Magic Show” has something for everyone who likes both the creepy and the comical. I am pretty booked up for the month of October and that of course, is something that puts a very big sigh of relief on me.
Obviously, later November is booked solid but I still have some slots that I need to fill in the first two weeks so that I will go on the extended tour with a warm feeling in my heart that I have done the very best I can at being not only a great magician, but prolific (There is that magic word again)


I want to be known by my peers and the general public as being the real deal in quality magical entertainment. What I mean is that when I perform at Coney Island, many of my peers will ask where my travels will take me in the coming week and those same peers will be astounded that I put up with so much to get the job done. Headaches such as traffic, excessive travel and wear and tear on both body and equipment and the list goes on. But here is the secret to the insanity: I have mouths to feed and it motivates me. It is like what the late great Harry Blackstone said at an interview ” My wife and my banker tell me that when I am not on the the road, I am unemployed.” When I heard that, I internalized that and have used that as my motivation. The second secret and probably the most obvious, be good at what you do. Don’t cut corners in quality. There is a saying; “pack small, play big” that is good advice if you are challenged space wise in preparation and travel but it can be an excuse to cut corners in quality. I refuse to do this. I work very hard to give the best quality; if it means large props, live birds and a live critter with long ears at the end? You got it!! I also dress in tails with a top hat and leave us not forget the cane. I don’t short cut on personality either, to me, it is not just about the trick as it is about the experience and so, I bring my stunning personality to bear making the magic happen both large and small scale!
So then, how does one like me, become prolific? the answer is simple but the method is hard. It is said by many to work smarter not harder. Well, in this business, both are needed. When I broke in, I worked very hard to get work, but was not confident in my quality. Consequently, I undercut my value. I booked a lot of shows, because hey, I was a real bargain!! But I lost money. I worked hard but stupid. I had to learn about quality and value to make those adjustments.
On the other hand, one show cannot pay for a week off of work, generally speaking. What I mean is that working smarter doesn’t mean working less, (unless you are not like me), it means making better business choices that benefit both the client and the vendor; i.e. WIN WIN!
I average about 350 shows a year. This is provable by the way! Although many say they perform 350 shows a year (which is a lot) I actually do. In fact, my personal record was 400 shows back in 2010.
Some additional things to be on the look out for: Activity Directors!! Check out for updates concerning our 2017 show called “Magical Flight of Fancy” New routines and themed to send your seniors souring with delight!
County Fair Directors, and entertainment coordinators, I will see you at the PSACF convention in January!
If you would like to check me out in Maryland during the holidays, I will be appearing as Santa at the Christmas Village at Inner Harbor from Thanksgiving to Christmas eve! Bring your family and enjoy the displays and gifts you can purchase this holiday season! DSC_0415-ANIMATION

It was a long blog, thanks for pressing on through it!
until next time!!!
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