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Hello Everybody!!

Glad to be back at you again with some updates, announcements, and some general observations. First of all, it is my habit to try and be as consistent as I can regarding posts on the blog and if you take a look at some of the entries, you will find gaps in time. This is due to my being on the road. I will assume that you are keenly aware of that fact and will overlook the apparent lack of continuity. That said, I would like to let you know that my son, Simon has been joining me on the road a lot this summer and he has been getting an education about showbiz and life on the road. He was really looking forward to one gig in particular, but as is the case from time-to-time, the show was cancelled due to issues beyond my or the client’s control. You can be sure that Simon was none too happy about the cancellation and it tells me that he might be the kind of person that could possibly stomach show business. Who knows? In addition to his joining me and helping in the lugging of equipment, he has been taking some pretty nice pictures of me in action and if you would like to see some, just go to Facebook and take a peek.
The schedule has been good for the past few weeks: it has been a mix of both adult and kid shows, seasoned with a wedding gig at a resort in upstate New York.
June was a stretch as I not only had to fix the car to make it safe for everyone on the road, it was time to give the old Magic Mobile to my son, Peter as I went to get a new set of wheels. It is almost like the Magic Mobile so now IT has garnered the name while the old car has the name “Tooth-less” because of the former missing grill. My son has fixed up the old car nicely and he gets around town with it. The mileage reads a little over 485,000 miles on it.
The new car is just getting her legs on at 36,000 miles and unlike its predecessor, doesn’t have the uncomfortable bucket seats. This makes the long travel miles much easier, believe me!
This is an additional expense and I don’t mind telling you that I am not a fan of car payments, but this is a necessary evil in our times and it requires me to really focus on the business and keep the work coming in and going out. One of my sayings is “keep it hot”.
My wife and I have been cleaning up the office area with some needed effort and attention. We are almost at a comfortable stage where we can get things done. I am not one who likes to spend the day doing busy work, but in this case, I made an exception. I jammed the shredder at least twice and thought I broke it. I recovered it and now it is fine. Again, still not all the way done, but am working on it, bit by blessed bit.
For those of you who like to learn things on line, we are developing a new website called “The Magic Clubb”. The web address to check it out is It is still in the infancy stages but will add to it lessons and related articles of magical entertainment. On the front page you will see examples of five basic principles of magic as demonstrated by some of the greats in the field from days gone by. I also give a demonstration and teaching on the vanishing coin and the static magic wand. I know it is not much, but it is a start, and in addition, I will be teaching about the history and the many uses of the most exploited secret of magic. Want to know what it is? Check out the website for a spoiler!
Sorry for the long post, but again, evidence that I have been on the road a lot. Tomorrow, I will be in Hershey PA and then back in upstate NY and then Pittsburgh PA to do a special class reunion magic show!
I will touch base soon!

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