Summer is Hot!!!!!!!!!!


Greetings everyone!

I am happy to welcome the summer months! I love the hot, sizzling summer!
It has been a while since I have posted on the blog and it is not because I have been bored and not had much to report! In fact, I have a lot to say about what has been happening and what will be coming down the pike here in these hot summer days!
I just returned from a tour this past month. Actually, it was more like two tours, but one of them was really small as it was just an over-night that I will not count that one.
June is almost over and I have been pounding the pavement by going upstate New York and Virginia. I have posted some of the pics on Facebook so if you would like to check it out just take a look at my Facebook.
My son has been accompanying me on the tours and he recently got a new uniform for the job. Funny, up to now, he hasn’t considered how hard life on the road really is. He was deprived of his devices for nearly a week and when he walked in the door to unpack, he grabbed his devices and I really haven’t seen him since!
I am now on a much needed day off and I feel weird because I have been at it for 10 days straight and my body wants to keep going. But rest is good too. Thankfully, I was able to secure additional bookings during my tours and I will keep working.
I had to spend some additional money on the car. My hub was just about ready to fall off and my brakes were shot. I had the work done for a little over a thousand dollars. My pockets feel really empty now!
I have about six more shows this month and then it will already be July!!!
Where does the time go?
Now, for the movie recommendation for all of you who may be curious about the behind the scenes of show business, check out an old classic called “The Clown” starring Red Skelton. It is a jewel of a movie and you will not be disappointed. It is about a washed up comic/clown and his struggle to remain relevant and find work in the cut throat business of show. I love the opening scene of Coney Island and the Steeple Chase. It makes me long for those days to return but alas, it most likely will not any time soon. The movie is very heart warming and sappy, but if you like Red Skelton, you will love this movie!
What is happening in July is going to be exciting as the new Harry Potter book is set to be released and I will be participating in the celebration at the Books A Million on the evening of July 30th at the Lycoming mall Books A Million store! Details will follow in future posts so keep a weather eye!
So long for now!!


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