What are people saying about Phil Crosson?


“Of course, there’s a cast of regulars who carry the [Magic at Coney] show, including … Phil Crosson”
— Genii Magazine, April 2014

“We enjoyed your show thoroughly, you were simply amazing!”
Eitz Chaim ,Synagogue, Brooklyn, NY

“Your show is so engaging that time flies! You put so much into your act and it shows! Well done!”
Private party, Westchester, PA

“We want more, we want more!”
Read School Bridgeport, CT

“You are very magical!”
Marta Becket, Amargosa Opera House, Death Valley Junction

“The kids had a lot of fun with your show!”
Tutor Time, Manhattan, NY

“We loved your show! It kept the kids involved, and it was very professionally done!”
Kinder Kare, Wilkes Barre, PA

“You are a great magician!”
Sheraton Hotel, Springfield, MA

“You thrilled the kids and left us adults wondering how you made that dove appear!”
Private Party, Byron Beach, CT

“We loved your show, we would like you to come back before the end of the year!”
Hope Preparatory Academy, Jackson, NJ

“The children loved your show and you kept them engaged!”
Heritage Baptist Church, Clark Summit, PA


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