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I am back at the blog for another visit! I have titled this blog “Reflecting” because I actually have a moment to reflect on what has been happening around me these last few days of my absence. I am not referring to the civil unrest or the uncertainty of our presidential race, I am speaking on an optimistic tone. While the country is adjusting to change for good or bad (the choice, I suppose is up to you as to what to make of it) I choose to look at it this way; an obstacle is an opportunity. This is not just a passe saying that you would see on cubicle partitions in a nature setting. I truly believe this to be true…or at least…I am evolving in that direction. I confess that I do struggle in letting frustration get the best of me some times, but hopefully, that will be the exception and not the rule.
Phil in Genii

Back in 2014 I was in a Genii magazine article and I took another look at that particular issue when I got back home from tour and not JUST because I was in it, but because the late Paul Daniels was featured in it. I have to tell you all, that I had no idea the depth of that individual’s resume in entertainment! If you get a chance, look at YouTube and check out some of what this excellent performer and his Wife, Debbie accomplished! Better still, have a look here!

Paul Daniels passed away earlier this year and I am sorry that I did not have a chance to meet him but I am thankful that he did leave a trail in television and video where I can reference some great magic!
As for me, I am also adjusting in my career to bigger and better things. I have adopted a philosophy that my mentors Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger have taught: Always look forward to your next show.
I completed a 17 day stint in traveling and doing shows. I completed a tour in Ohio and now I am looking forward to what lies ahead. This week is a little lighter as I have three shows, but next week picks up a little as I have seven shows. My next public appearance will be September 28th at Coney Island for Magic at Coney and I will be posting more information as the day draws nearer.
I hope you are all well and I will be posting another blog soon!

So long for now!

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