Ramping up!!!!!!!!

Close up Magic

Greetings all again!

I am ramping things up my way as I have got some shows coming along. I mentioned them on my last blog and so I won’t bore you with the gory details, so don’t worry. I make mention of this because I have been getting calls for shows and so now my calendar is starting to look a little better! I don’t want to break that momentum either. You see, sometimes when I am on the road, shows can interrupt…in a way. Here is how: I have to silence my devices when I go on, and when I get finished and loaded back up in the car, I check my devices and discover that a potential client left a message for me or maybe called and somehow, I was not able to get to it for various reasons and I am left scrambling to try and re-establish contact.
I tend to get a little wigged out at that because I do not want to lose any work if I can possibly help it!
Today I washed my uniform and made sure my props were in good working order, along with other paperwork and business. It was a little hectic, but it is now starting to look a little smoother.
If you will recall from my last blog, I was out of sorts the other day due to a cold and so now, I am trying to catch everything up that I missed.

dazzling close up magical illusions!

So, for the remainder of this blog, I am enjoying some Strauss music and taking a little break from the hectic time. I wonder if I should have another cup of coffee?

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