Magical Flight of Fancy!

Greetings Everyone viewing!

2017 is off with a bang as I introduce the new show called “Magical Flight of Fancy”! It is a very awesome show filled with the large props that I love, live birds and a live bunny! Plus, I have included some extra surprises as well. I am shortly going to include a routine I call “Stumpo the Wonder Elephant” in honor of the bi-gone era of the circus as well as re-introducing some routines I have not performed in quite a while, but fitting for this particular set! I am very excited about this as I am also featuring a newer look and feel to the act and it is really coming along nicely!

To get this ready, I had to do something that I was not looking forward to and haven’t done in quite a while; I had to clean the equipment. I mean, I really cleaned it and did some necessary repairs that took quite a long time the other day! I finished up and then tackled the animals and the additional training needed for the new show ( as well as a nice clean to the cages ). Then, it was dressing up the rest of the scripting for the show!

January and February are normally slow months but since we had a good head start, I was able to do some needed maintenance as I expect that the schedule is going to be packed very soon. Indeed, I already have been getting bookings for the spring months and I will be doing more and more tours leading into the summer and before we get to the end of the season! Before you know it, we will be ready for the holidays again!

That is how we roll here at Crosson Magic! We are starting to roll and we will let you know when we will be in your area!!

So long for now!!

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