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Parlor Magic Show

Greetings Everyone!

I am sorry that I have not been posting on the blog as of late as I have been very busy on the road. I just got back from a Virginia tour that was very well received and I got as a result, return engagements set on the calendar!

I was near “Phili” yesterday and the day before that I was in Brooklyn New York! This week affords a couple of windows where I can catch up with things but then, it is back to it!
So, what does a magician do on his/her off time? Well, I have found a new book that I am reading that has to do with the history of the conjuring arts as well as I am doing some additional practicing on some smaller scale effects trying to better myself. I know, it sounds a little boring, but I am a simple kind of man. there really is nothing to me; I don’t party, I stay at home and spend it with my family when I am done with work. I like to read and watch goofy martial arts movies and wonder about the next Star Wars film/films coming out and stress out about being able to see them in the theater.
I love the character in the Television series Flash, named Ramoan Cisco. He is the closest that I have discovered that can match my level of irrelevant geek-ness. Granted, the character is…a science geek also, while I am not. He is also twenty…something, and I am…well…not. What’s more, he is fictional….I am all too real, my friends. Learn it, love it, live with it!
Anyway, I spend my off road days cleaning up my equipment and repairing and replacing any broken items that happen. You might be amazed at how quickly I go through things. 100 ft rope is nothing to me these days. Cut and restore the thing, it gets shorter and shorter until it becomes laughable. I have a production box that is more nails than wood at this point, and so I am looking to replace that ASAP. These are only two examples. I can name more…ok, one more; my jacket needs to be replaced. So much to do!


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