I Beat the Snow!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you are probably thinking: Those don’t look like pictures of snow!! You are so right, but they still look pretty good anyway. You see, I did what I seldom do in my travels, and that is, I beat the snow coming home from performing. It doesn’t sound like such a big victory but to me it is because I had expected to be chancing a big storm and essentially crawling home in the blizzard like I did at the convention a few weeks ago. This did not happen for me as I thought. When I departed out of Townson Maryland, the snow was just starting and then it picked up to where it started affecting traffic. I then prepared myself for the long haul emotionally and mentally and I made sure that I drove with the utmost of safety. The snow started to let up a bit the further north I went until I arrived at home where there was none. I was only about 15 minutes later than I would have been otherwise in getting home! I beat the snow! I offer further this proof; when I woke up this morning the place was already blanketed with at least an inch of snow and the forecast calls for more today.

Even though these pictures really don’t reflect what I went through, don’t you think that they are kinda nice anyway?

I will attempt to post another blog very soon to catch you up to speed as to what I am doing and where I will be appearing. Until next time, SOOOOOOOOOOO long!!!

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