I Ain’t Done!


I ain’t dead, so I ain’t done! I am just taking it a bit on the hectic side now as I have been increasing my bookings for the year! The slow period that is typical for this time of the year is just about over. Yesterday I shared the stage along with “Rogue” the magician noted for his appearance on “America’s Got Talent” on television. His act was very enjoyable! I loved his version of the “water-monte”. I think that was my favorite routine of his act. He was very strong on the stage, the audience loved it, and before you knew it, he disappeared off to another gig in Long Island! Whoa!!!!

This pic was taken at an earlier time and you will note that “Rogue” was doing the staple gun challenge!

I have another blog that I dedicate to the traveling magicians located on http://crossonmagic.blogspot.com/ and there, I post video footage of what it is like to do what I do. If you are interested, and you are a traveling magician, or aspiring to that laudable line of work, please check it out!

Three examples of traveling magicians. From left to right Gary Dreifus, Lee Alan Barrett and Omar Olusion

This week is a little lighter in that I have four shows. Three in Upstate New York, and one in upper New Jersey. In the mean time, I am replacing tires and soon, I will be replacing shoes. It is getting close, but I still am able to use them. Currently, I am inflating my front tires before I go out. That is how bad they are. But hopefully tomorrow, I will have them replaced. Usually I go through a set about twice a year. Yesterday I decided to take the mini-van to the show as I didn’t know how deep the pot holes were in New York. But I won’t spoil the story here, read about it at the aforementioned blog and you will be amused at the very least!!

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