Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!!!!!!!


Coming July 31st 2016 is the new book in the Harry Potter Lore called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. If you are anything like me and love the stories that capture the imagination like Harry Potter, I am sure you will salivate in anticipation! What can you do to prepare for this event? Lots of people re-read the series from start to finish, other people try and build up their cosplay wardrobe, (some people do both), other people watch the movies and follow the story on line.
Here is something that businesses do to anticipate. They celebrate! Sounds like a great idea!
Folks, I want to let you in on a little something that I am working on; Harry Potter themed! I already have a magic show suited for a Harry Potter themed party and if you are looking to have a themed based party in anticipation of the new Harry Potter book, look no further!
More to come so stay tuned!!!!!!!!

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