Greetings Again!


I am back for a brief moment before going out on the road again and I just wanted to touch base!
I have had a simply wonderful year thus far as greater opportunities have come my way. This is certainly appreciated, I can tell you. One such opportunity has me in Baltimore during the holidays. I will be making very few blogs at that time as I will be busy up until Christmas.
The month of August I was swamped with work doing well over 30 shows…actually…pushing 40. That is about right for the summer months. This month of September I am doing a little less as I have been also spending a little time vacationing with the family.
On the home front, I am also assisting my wife as she is battling a auto-immune disease. She has been given infusion therapy and is almost done with them. It is a difficult road but I am confident that she will get better very soon. I try not to advertise the struggles, but there you go.
This month is also a time of touring in Virginia, the last one of the calendar year 2016 in that state. The schedule is running hot!
More to come so, stay tuned!

phil at elm terrace gardens 11

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  1. Danny Jordan says:

    Hey Phil, always wondered where you disappeared to (see what i did there),anyways i watched a couple of your videos and thought they were great. Just wanted to touch base with a GHS alumni and say Hey.

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