Going My Way?

Greetings all!

Check out this retro video!

If you doubt, my March schedule has increased and I may be coming to a venue near you! (if you live at the East Coast)

My next show for the public is at Magic at Coney located at Coney Island USA February 26th for Magic at Coney. Check out the following websites for more information: http://www.coneyisland.com/

and magicatconey.com for tickets for Feb.26th. Please note that I will not be at the Feb.19th show, but a really excellent magician friend of mine will be hosting; Lee Alan Barrett! Also Thomas Solomon; that great escape artist will be on stage! But if you are looking for my services at Coney Island, check it out Feb.26th!

March will find me on the road as I have three tours


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