Christmas in July?

Greetings one and all!

I am back with a new post for you to take a look at and I have to tell you that your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a Santa post! Why is it in July? There is a fairly new movement called “Christmas in July” which is an attempt to create an early festive attitude to influence flow traffic in stores. It also encourages an early festive attitude to celebrate! What is wrong with celebrating? Nothing! Some however would argue that this lessons the meaning of Christmas and it increases the commercialism and trivial aspects of the culture.

I sympathize with this position for personal religious reasons but I welcome the opportunity to represent Santa! Santa represents all that is good and epitomizes the message of the faith I adhere to. I am honored to represent any time and any where! If you would like additional samples, check out

July is full of magic shows as well and August is also almost full. Currently I am working to fill September and October and two weeks of November with shows because the last part of November and through December, I will be Santa Claus at the Baltimore Christmas Village! Check out some more pics

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