I’m Back!


Greetings once again!!

I am knocking the daylights out of this miserable cold and believe me when I tell you, I am very thankful for that! Yesterday was spent laying around and today I am doing some more of the same, but my strength is returning and just in time too, because I have three shows to do. Two college shows, and a day care. General magic is what’s on the menu for this week.
Next week, I am in Maryland again for some shows. Five shows in all the next week. After that it starts to pick up a little more for the next few weeks. This is why I am determined to knock this cold out of the park!
Yesterday we celebrated my son’s 20th birthday and had some cake and ice-cream and the like. It was fun but I was in the mood for lots of chicken. The chicken meat helps in so many ways. Not that cake is bad in of itself, but for a real sicko like me, chicken is the ticket. I still have some left today and for lunch I will dine on that. I have been taking the vitamins and did I mention rest? I am almost stir crazy because of the rest.
I am noticing that my wife is starting to have symptoms also and that is no fun.
I am optimistic that by the morning, my cold will be all but defeated and that I will feel so much better! I have to say that compared with yesterday and today so far, I am feeling better.
No more colds for me! On to better things to talk about!


My last show was the Howling Halloween magic show and when I put it back into the car, I realized at that point that I would not be doing the Siberian Shackle escape for another year. I was a little disappointed because I was having some fun with that. I set a time limit of 5 seconds to escape, so as to keep the show moving along at a brisk pace thereby avoiding the bore factor. I may put it back into my show at a later time, but I did have it as a regular for one season when I did “Another Extravaganza” but few people were willing to volunteer for such things.
I was watching yet another documentary on Doug Henning Doug_Henning_1976 and I was struck on how people liked Henning the moment he went on stage. He did not have to “win” the approval of the audience, because he was just so likable. I, sadly, am like so many other magicians in that I have to win the audience. I actually have to really work hard at that and so in my recovery time, I have been thinking about how and why this is so. First of all, this is not an unusual thing for magicians, since we are presenting ourselves to an audience as a type of cheater, an honest one, but a cheat. We magicians make the premise that we are going to cheat the laws of nature, or the laws of logic, but in reality, we cheat in the way of optics and perception. This intimidates a lot of people because to be fooled is generally seen as a negative and nothing more. I submit what one of my mentors have told me years ago; the reality of being fooled is a sign of intelligence. The magician shows a premise and you follow that premise but the magician shows a different conclusion. Your logic follows the premise to the logical conclusion and when you are brought to a different conclusion, you are fooled because your assumption is disproved. Take the example of a magician placing a coin in his/her hand. The hand is closed and the logical assumption is that the coin is still in the hand. When the hand is opened to show that the coin is gone, the assumption is not only challenged, but disproved completely. This is not to show the faulty logic of the audience, but to show how that the audience is indeed intelligent TO be fooled. It is because the audience is smart that this phenomena of being fooled is so effective. It also shows that assumptions can be challenged and that there are alternatives in life.
Doug Henning presented himself as the presenter of a different alternative; this idea of “magic” was something that he believed deeply in and it came through when he performed. This made him not only a presenter, but a participant like his audience witnessing the event.
I perform in a very different discipline than others in that I do not see my character of the magician as one just doing tricks and stunts. When I play the magician on stage, I play a character that believes that what he is doing, he is doing magically. I in a sense, am acting out a role of a play.
This is why I struggle when magicians do less than that. An audience is worth more than a magician coming on stage just to do tricks. In my note book “Going Pro” I cover the difference between an amateur show and a professional. In short, an amateur magic show is a show designed to show case the tricks, while a professional magic show is to showcase the magician.


My challenge is to explore how I can come across to the audience in a way that is not arrogant but attractive! Lots of smiles, prepared and positive!

Till next time!!

Getting Over

12033217_10205072693961446_2268115333635715827_n.jpg (816×464)12047117_10205072686121250_448285840457441728_n.jpg (816×624)10370429_10205064136387512_7765314367770779_n.jpg (816×464)

Greetings all!

Glad to be sharing the blog with you today as I am attempting to get over this cold so that I can get back on the road! I know what some of you may be thinking and that is, if I am so magical, why not just make the cold disappear? Well, as Marshall Brodien would say “Most magic tricks are easy, once you know the secret.” Trouble is, I don’t know the secret to solving the mystery of the common cold beyond the conventional methods of complaining and resting. I hope you like some of these pics, because right now ughhh…..

till next time!

2534_1033186034345_7174943_n.jpg (390×604)2534_1033112152498_6855320_n.jpg (604×453)

This last pic is a promo poster of when I appeared at the Admiral Theater, Sierra Madre Playhouse, and the Amargosa Opera House back in 2009 at the time of my Magic Castle appearances.

1923244_1044733803032_5002845_n.jpg (406×603)

A Time to Reflect

12122667_10206497909559564_3343644024542632605_n.jpg (960×720)

You will notice that I am making another blog. If you are noticing this, Thank you very much!
I am taking this opportunity to reflect a little as the holidays are around the corner. This top pic of myself and my wife just before I went on stage at Coney Island was taken by a very lovely young lady who is promised to my oldest son, Pete. She is a gem. Speaking of gem, the person sitting next to me, my wife, has been with me for over 26 years and I have never understood why she chose me, but I am sure glad she did.
She recently changed the living room around so that the traffic flow will be easier. For me, it is nicer because I can look at my posters of Houdini and Fu-Manchu on the wall. This is not heart breaking for me at all.
Why am I being so reflective? Simple; I have a head cold and am trying to not drive myself crazy with being down! So, I have been bugging people on Facebook, I have been posting more blogs, I have been trying to do more marketing and watching movies on Youtube. I love watching martial arts movies and I think I have been burning through quite a few of them on Youtube. Guilty pleasure watching justifying my actions by convincing myself that one day I will use some of those moves in my magic act. Course, I am 49 and…bigger than those fellas in those movies. I haven’t been trained either, but those are only minor details, right? But I take comfort in the fact that even though I can’t do those moves, most of those actors can’t either…anymore. Maybe it is better to have moved than never have moved at all, or…whatever.
What else have I been doing? Well, I haven’t been down too long, just a little under a day, but it feels like an eternity! So, before the effects of the cold got really irritating, I recorded all my October receipts, marketed and did some strategy for the coming year 2016, and even blogged! But when I went out to the store, that is when it hit me like an avalanche! I sneezed at least 7 times and flared up and my COPD kicked in to high gear. Breathing was sorely missed on my part and the rescue inhaler was well used, thus averting a very…uncomfortable scenario. I am now on cold medicine, airborne, lots of water, and a whole lot of rest because the last thing I need is to have my immune system down for those college shows I am doing at the end of the week.
I speak from experience about that, you see, once I did a show at Rutgers University and I contracted Pneumonia for my efforts shortly after. Not cool!!!!
So this is the reflective me for a little while anyway. While I am blogging, I am wondering how I can get more and more up on the search engines without having to spend a bunch of money. So, I am thinking of power words to put on my blog but all of this stuffiness in my head is creating a mental block.
I am left to writing “the night was moist” over “the night was sultry”. Those of you movie geeks will understand what I mean by that.
45 more days until the new Star Wars movie comes out but for me a little later because I looked on the calendar and I am working opening day. Bummer, but hey, I got to work! I really wish I can think of a quick Jedi or Sith little quote to be clever, but I am just too stuffed up…I am not stuffed up, these aren’t the boogers I’m looking for, I can go about my business, move along….nah, that ain’t gonna work either.
to be continued…
150097_440319615982762_343302547_n.jpg (960×539)

Tired but Truckin!

phil out west againphil out west yet again

Greetings everyone!!

I hope you all had a great Halloween-All Saints Day! For me the past week has been very busy as I did 11 shows. My last post stated that I was to be doing 10 but one got in to me at the very last minute and it was a strolling gig for a Church out in New Jersey on Halloween. I noticed a fairly new trend while doing this gig and that was “trunk-or treat” in that a group of mini-vans would hold a boat load of loot for the kids! The idea being that instead of kids going house to house trick or treating, the neighborhood folk puts their mini-vans or cars at a centralized area so that the kids can get their loot with a very low risk in comparison. In fact, they made it an amazing event complete with bounce houses, tail gating, face painters, and yes, yours truly was there. The centralize location was a Church. I think it was a deliberate outreach and from the looks of it, was very successful!
I want to thank the Kansas City Royals for making my life easier in winning the World Series. Even though I would have preferred the Mets to have won, I am thankful because I am going to be performing near the New York area this week and I am glad that I do not have to compete with excessive grid-lock traffic due to a parade in Manhattan.
The weather out here has been aces for me. Ever since 2011, I have been uneasy performing on Halloween due to that freak blizzard that cost me so much money! I can tell you folks, this was not my plight this year 2015! The weather for Halloween has been just beautiful and now that we are in the holiday season, my work load is ramping up again. November I am looking at close to 30 shows and December is also starting to pick up!
I guess this is as good of time to plug my holiday show because I still have some empty slots in December. It is a Hoot!!
So, what is in store for me today? Well, I have marketing to do (that is on-going) and I have to pack away my Howling Halloween magic show equipment. It was great fun, but now, I have to look ahead.
I am also preparing for another trade show I am involved with at the beginning of the New Year and believe me when I tell you, this can lead to other bigger and better things for my career down the road. I will keep you posted about this as the time gets closer.
11 shows in one week is not a personal record, but it is enough to make me a little tired! I should not complain too much because I know that I am not the hardest working magician out there. I would like to be consistent in the volume but as far as the hardest working magician that I have heard of, I think that would be Dell o-Dell. She was an amazing magician from the 20th century who literally worked until the day she died. She was known to have done twice the weekly amounts of magic shows that I boast. So I have a lot of work to do yet!
Until next time!!

golden age of magic parasol1012940_10152231391228459_851600705_n[1]

Can You Believe it?


Howdy all!

Back at you again to tell you about something kind of funny that happened today that started my week off with a…dud. I was getting gas to go to my first show today and my battery completely died and get this, I only had it only a little over a year. I recovered just in time to go to my show but I got to thinking about how that my battery is not old by any means and then I got to thinking about how many batteries I have gone through on average and it is about 1 every year and a half and it was time. I just forgot the miles that I have traveled. I was living in the moment and trying to remember the sage advice that is so true that I must be looking ahead at my next show, and not give in to basking or brooding over my last one (I added the second part).
I got my gear loaded in the van after the car is dropped off into the shop for a full diagnostic and repair, and I had roughly about an hour to spare and I just relaxed in the knowledge that I will be at my gig in plenty of time. That was until I came across traffic on route 78 that was backed up about 7 miles and was moving slower than 5 miles per hour. In addition, it was 55 miles outside of the venue. I was really coming down to the wire but I was so thankful that I arrived with about 15 minutes to spare! I was able to literally pull a rabbit out of a hat on that one!
So, here is the run-down for the remainder of the week; I have one show tomorrow, two shows the following day kicking off my last tour of the New England States for the year 2015. Two shows the following day and three more after that and on Halloween, one show in Orange NJ One down, 9 to go for the week!
Let me just touch a little on what happened this last weekend, I did a senior show in upstate NY and fall festival in upstate NY with my Howling Halloween show. The festival show was quite a thrill! After that was a private family event in the suburbs of New Jersey. I put a sixteen hour day that day but the pay off was pretty good. Fortunately, the gas prices didn’t hurt that bad, especially in New Jersey.

Well folks, I will post again a little later!

Take Care!!


Don’t Lose Your Head!

10649550_948857121808187_4906903669657824812_n.jpg (570×640)

Howdy All!

Just another blog for your viewing and then I am off on the road again to wind up the Halloween season! You may or may not be aware of this, but October is also “National Magic Month” where we celebrate the life and death of the…second greatest magician in all the world. I am just too modest to name the first.
But I don’t let it all get to my head. I know the score out there. Magicians as a whole are not a trusted lot to be sure. Here is how it looks in the general public. #1. Magicians do not perform full time and the ones that do are either so successful that they don’t even count, or they are so delusional they don’t realize how poor and miserable they are. #2. Magicians are arrogant because they do cheap tricks that you can’t figure out and not only do they know this, they gloat to hide their antisocial insecurities #3. Magicians are a dime a dozen; disposable in the entertainment industry because unlike singing or playing an instrument, you don’t really need much accept a decent magic set to get by. These are only just a few perceptions accepted in the general public as gospel truth about magicians. So then, why even bother? Why bother booking magicians for events and for that matter, in my case, knowing what I know, why should I bother taking the time and effort to get booked? Ahhhh, there’s the rub! I love what I do and want to entertain, yet faced with perceptions that are less than flattering!
Now, I grant you that not all the public view magicians that way but trust me when I say, most of the general public do. The performance of magic is severely compartmentalized because of these (and other) perceptions. I remember watching the David Letterman show when Kamarr was on and he is an excellent example of one who performed in the face of these perceptions. Here is a youtube example.

I loved this video! Kamarr was totally cool and didn’t lose his cool even when Letterman was trying to bust him on his tricks. Now this will immediately arouse other inconsistencies also. Such as the question “If he was such a great magician, why didn’t he convince Letterman?” The answer was that Letterman had already tipped his hand by his introduction that he had no interest in the idea of a magician mystifying him. But if you look closely at what happened when Kamarr came out on stage you may see something very subtle. Kamarr had come on stage in control of his environment. This is why the fire to the cards worked so well. It was when he started getting close to Letterman that his environment radically changed! His parasols didn’t impress, yet he did other subtle gestures in an attempt to elevate his perceived value. He talked about what he was doing at that time. Even though Letterman was chiding him for this, it showed that the perception of Kamarr and by right, other magicians by the general public, are not always true! What’s more, as the segment progressed, Letterman was surprised by a simple appearing cane production and was bent on trying to bust Kamarr to get back at him for being fooled. This video shows how professional Kamarr was in the midst of all of this tumult that was being thrown his way and yet the audience rooted for Kamarr and not Letterman! If you doubt, check this out, Kamarr was asked to come back multiple times on the Letterman show! Ain’t that a kick in the head!
This is what I mean by that perception of people compartmentalizing magicians. For example, Magicians are only good for birthday parties. It’s that and the other perceptions that I am challenged to overcome by being the best at what I do! I try not to let little things get to my head and spoil the fun. So, here is what I do to overcome the perceptions. I attempt to do what legends like Harry Houdini have done and that is create my own brand and in doing this, create a different perception in the eyes and minds of the general public.
This is not an easy task because it requires constant experimentation and work in marketing and the like.
Just to clear the air, I am not against doing birthday parties and other events that magicians are seen performing. In fact, I have a couple of sites geared toward children and birthday parties are a showcase at www.kids.crossonmagic.com and www.crossonmagic-kids.weebly.com. I am saying that I want to increase my perceived value for myself and other serious magicians out there trying to make a living.
So, here I go again folks! I am out on the road again! Here is what I have going on; I have a magic class that I am teaching and then a Howling Halloween show and then three shows for the weekend. One birthday party, one corporate event and a senior show and then next week, all Halloween shows about 10 of them in all!

Have a good one!


Howling Halloween Magic Show

10698470_10203105585304959_7855264257056511034_n.jpg (816×612)


Now, I know that my news is not even in the same universe as the news of the new Star Wars movie, but given that, I think it is pretty cool anyway. I am talking about my new Halloween Magic show called the “Howling Halloween Magic Show” it features some pretty creepy critters and some spooky hi-jinx and some funny stuff mixed in. It has all the ingredients of being a fun time for you and your family! I will be posting more information at kids.crossonmagic.com as well as crossonmagic-kids.weebly.com! Take your pick on where to search because I plan to be all over the place! I know that this may be a little late to announce such things, but for those of you who are a little late booking parties, this show is great for your Halloween party and can be catered to your needs!

Now, that said, let me share with you some other up coming events happening in the holiday season proper!IBM Computers holiday partyimages[1]

I have been filling the dates like crazy for the holiday season and November is almost completely booked solid! December is also well on the way to being filled! I have a special Holiday magic show suitable for your special event that will delight your guests and help to usher in the “yule tide” if you will.

I am sorry that I had to pitch like I did, but I am self sponsored.

Let me give you a run-down on what the Holiday Magic Show looks like: The show is musically themed to suit the season as are the props and costuming. It is a 45 minute to 60 minute show (depending on your needs) and also has some furry friends joining in on the fun! I have shows that cater to both children and adult so don’t assume for a moment that I am locked into one type of audience! I have performed this show large scale for public events like shopping malls during the Black Friday and early Christmas shopping seasons as well as smaller venues like corporate parties and private events for both adults and children. As I say, each show is catered to your needs!

11219695_10204446188899211_7135750214005838136_n.jpg (720×402)

Now, onto some other stuff.

I am already working on the 2016 calendar and we are starting to see some dates fill up fast! It has nothing to do with luck. I probably have said this more than on one occasion. I know that I have noted this in my lecture notes called “Going Pro”. Luck is viewed by people two ways; the first is that luck happens to people and the second is that people make their own luck. I favor the latter view because even when opportunity just seems to fall your way, something is done in advance to eventually create the conditions for that opportunity. So for me, I like to be the one to create those conditions so that I am better poised for that opportunity.
I also believe that decisions in life cannot be made based on the reactions of our emotions. When I get an opportunity to perform a gig, it usually is an emotional moment for me. Depending on the venue of the gig will influence my emotional state. I know this about myself and so I try and make decisions about gigs when the emotional moment passes and I start thinking rationally. You see, a lot of gigs that look good, may not be good in a business sense. While I may boast at having performed at the Magic Castle, I am not in a business position to consider doing it again at this point because of other factors.

So, this word of advice for all of you is that you are not a victim of bad luck, you make your own luck and when opportunity comes your way, don’t react based on emotion, but respond based on a complete understanding of the implications!

Till next time!

Fall is truly Here! Job Security/ Feeling Inspired


Greetings all!

Thank you for taking the time to gander at the blog. I am really working hard to improve and make the blog a more enjoyable read and view for you. This time, I decided to cover a series of thoughts and experiences for you. Check it out!


I really hate to admit that Fall is truly here because that is the time when the outside looks so beautiful that it is easy to be seduced into forgetting that winter is well on the way! The distraction of all that beauty can really nail me if I am not careful!
I have grown to really hate winter. Yup, no two ways about it. I do not like the winter months. I have tried to philosophize the time as a time of rest, or the metaphor of death while spring is the new birth of life. All of this aids no comfort to me at all because in the throws of winter, it is mighty cold, heating is expensive, cars like to break down on the road during that time and did I mention it gets mighty cold?
I am not usually given to whining, and so here is my solution. I have been preparing better than I have been in previous years. I have been informed by news sources that this coming winter at the east coast should be comparatively mild than from previous years. But even if that were the case, I want to make sure that my vehicle is in top shape to take the challenge, whatever it may be. What’s more, I want to be sure that my home is prepared heating wise as well. Last year we did some pretty good preparation, but the heating cost was still really high! I want to find ways of reducing that cost before I go bankrupt! I am very thankful that we have a freezer and that we have been trying to stock up when meat and other perishables are on sale as well.
These are only examples of the few things we try to do to keep things running smoothly around here.
Onto another subject folks and that is job security!

I am a full time professional entertainer and what that means for me is that I am not a rich man by any means! You may be fooled into thinking that I must have a spouse that makes money to support my fantasy of being a magician, or you may think that I have other sources to support me but the fact is that I am a single family income and that I do this full time out of complete necessity. I am in a word…”nuts”.
There is no such thing as job security with my line of work and that is why I have to be continually looking for new ways to better myself and network.
That said, I have been approached by several folk about this notion of me being rather…stretched in my work life but here is how I see it. Any business that is successful is that way because of the long hours spent. This is why so few people take that kind of approach to life. It is just HARD.
I grant you that I am sole-proprieter but I look at what I do in the same light as any small business would. In order to have any kind of job security, you have to work harder than the average, settle for less for while you invest. In time and patience, there will be a return. To be blunt, I dictate my job security.

I have been inspired by multiple sources. I like to keep spiritually inspired by listening to the Bible on CD while I drive for long distances. I also listen to the CD collection of Mandrake the Magician as an easy listen and something that I find enjoyable.
What inspires you?


A Real Firestorm!!

new promo pic 2015

Greetings everyone!

I am so sorry that I have taken so long to blog but it has been a firestorm around these parts and just now I am starting to catch everything up.
I got to thinking about why anyone would want to read about the adventures of a traveling magician such as myself. I mean after all, isn’t one magician just as good as another? Well, maybe some people think that but as for me, I like to blog to illustrate what it really means to “live the dream” if you got the intestinal fortitude to do it!
If you like reading blogs, then I will make every effort to make the blog interesting with lots of visuals, if I can swing it.
Here is what I have going on so far. This year we are poised to meet our yearly goal of 350 shows. I must tell you that there are magicians that exaggerate when they say they perform that many shows. They do this for marketing purposes to inflate their marketing value. While I understand this, I must tell you that I am in no position ethically, or financially to do this because I am faced every day with the reality that if I am not working, I am in a word, unemployed. So the goal that I have is to fill my calendar while keeping true to fair market prices. This can be tricky because some clients will want more than what I am prepared to offer. For example, one client will want a lower price but the same show and at a different date. This is very difficult to navigate because I am being asked to do three favors for the price of a half of one. Here is how it works; I am favored by performing but not at my asking price, while the client is favored three fold by a lower price, the same show, and a different date. I lose. Unless of course, there is something that is a “win-win” agreement. I do the same show, minus certain production items, I reduce the price on the condition that it is on a date I am already in the area performing and it is conducive to my schedule without jeopardizing a previous engagement. In that case, we both win. I am not out any money and the client is satisfied. What this does for me is that it puts a little more money my way without reducing the overall value of the product. I do not make it a habit to haggle. Every so often I will negotiate with an agency, and even then, I am very strict on where I draw the line so that I am not losing money on excessive overhead.
This illustration may sound like I am doing anything but magic shows. But show business is both “show” and “business”. While it is a thrill to actually perform the act, I must have a working knowledge and experience on how to promote and sell the act. I think this is why so many performers are frustrated into quitting the business. It is a different world I live in doing what I do. The days that I have shows, I am excited about the opportunity to perform, but I am also thinking about the overhead, as well as how to compensate the time loss from marketing because I am on the road. When I am not on the road, I am thinking about how to get back on by filling up the calendar.
So here is what a typical successful day off road looks like to me. I get up at a decent hour and I check all emails and analytics for the websites. I then look at the overall calendar for the coming weeks and the coming months and strategize where I need to target my marketing for that morning, and schedule when I market for that afternoon and evening. Depending on the marketing goal that was set at the beginning of the calendar year will determine how many gigs I need to get in a day. I zero in on that and concentrate and market accordingly. If I make daily goal in the morning, I am able to do other needed tasks throughout the day. Tasks such as costume cleaning and repairs, prop repairs, practicing and scripting for new shows. I also try and blog when I am able to.
A successful day off road happened just the other day when I booked 5 shows in the morning, practiced for the holiday shows coming up and was able to script the next year’s theme show “Do You Believe a Magical Moment”, cleaned all costumes, and ordered some replacement props. My wife and I got finished a little before 9:00PM but it was well worth it.
The last blog was back in August and I missed September completely and here is why. We got back from our trip out west and I literally hit the ground running with more shows and tours. We did this so as not to come back completely broke and wondering if I was going to get any work. We made sure that I had plenty of work to come back home to. In the meantime, my phone was upgraded and just in time too. Once we crossed over to my new phone, my old one literally shorted out. Speaking of shorting out, my computer also crashed and that really hurt! Not so much as it could have because we anticipated that the computer was on its way out and we saved the money to replace it, but in the mean time, I had to rely on technology that I was unfamiliar with and that was a stretch for me. We also purchased a freezer so that we can better stock up on food during the winter. We also replaced our dishwasher. To add to that, two props broke down on me during a show and I am still waiting for the second prop to arrive in the mail. I bought new tires at the beginning of the year and now I need to replace them and the back rotors of the van also need replacing. The brakes in the car are starting to feel a little mushy and the tags are due at the end of November. Lots of expenses. Yes I do use two vehicles for my work. I use the van when we perform at Coney Island NY as well as when we travel as a family to other shows I do.
Speaking of Coney Island, check this out!

Coney Island USA Events
Magic at Coney!!! – Off-Season Sunday Matinees

Sunday, October 18, 2015 – 12:00pm
Magical Promotions, together with Coney Island USA, presents an afternoon of fun and wonder for the entire family. “Magic at Coney!!!” is a magical variety show highlighting a vast array of magicians; featuring illusionists, escape artists, mentalists and close-up magicians from around the world.

Admission is only $12 for adults and $8 for children under 12, online, or at the door.

Hosted by Gary Dreifus, award-winning magician, mentalist, hypnotist, magic instructor and world-renowned magical host, the performers this week are:

Omar Olusion
Omar is a magician who has performed his unique style of entertainment for Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Spike TV and NY Carousel. He is one of the funniest, zaniest performers to ever grace the Coney Island stage.

Phil Crosson
Phil Crosson brings his sophisticated, classical brand of Magic back to Coney Island!

Carl Mercurio
Classic blend of comedy and magic by the world-class author, magician and humorist.

– See more at: http://www.coneyisland.com/event/magic101815#sthash.GvJBgq5t.dpuf

580magicOctober18.jpg (580×375)

Till next time!!!

Back From the West

phil out west yet again

Hello everyone!

Glad to be back from out west. It was a long journey to and from as I drove my family instead of flying so that we can see the country of ours in a much more intimate fashion.
I had two gigs out west. One was a show and the other a lecture for the IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) ring #238 over in Salem Oregon. The lecture and the show went very well and I also got to touch base with some very dear friends and family. It was a whirlwind of excitement and catching up with folk and we tried to give as much “equal time” as we could given the volume of folks we needed to touch base with.
Our journey out west started on an afternoon where we drove from Scranton PA to Lincoln NE marathon style. I will say that I am not at an age where I can appreciate the thrill of being up for over 24 hours. We eluded a storm, we saw lots of windmills and rolling plains before we set down in Lincoln NE.
After sleeping, we set down in rock springs WY, then Elko NV and then Sacramento CA by way of Lake Tahoe!
You may wonder how much money I put into all of this. The great thing about being a magician is that I can ethically keep secrets and still sleep at night! Actually, the trip was well worth the investment because of the work and of the extra stuff that went along made it that way!
On the way back home, we took a little bit faster route through Idaho to get to Salt Lake City Utah, but I almost got into a wreck in downtown Indianapolis Indiana. This was due to my not having slept since Cheyenne Wyoming. That was not smart on my part but Its a little too late now for any finger wagging. Two words to summarize our return trip; lesson learned.
I loved seeing my friends and family but folks, let me tell you, next time I am flying!

phil out west

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