PSACF Convention Highlights

What a time we had at the PSACF convention! My wife and I just got back and we are winded but not whooped.
We arrived on Thursday morning to set up and I will tell you, the display looked pretty good!

check it out! Notice that my wife has a very wonderful vest featuring our logo!!

No one looks better than my wife!!

We worked it hard and then we settled in and took it to the next level the following day!

That evening, I was the featured attraction prior to the annual showman’s banquet!!

the fellow in the background was impressed!

We drove back a little early because the weather was starting to go against our favor. The blizzard swept in and we were looking as though we were going to have to stay an extra day! This was not what we budgeted for and so we just packed up and left and braved the blizzard home. It was dicey at spots but we made it!
Now, it is just a question of time as to the ROI on this venture!
Here’s hoping anyway!

Oh Festivaaaaal!!!!!!!!


Greetings everyone!!!!

Well, the van is packed up and ready to go for the convention! In the mean time, I managed to land a couple more bookings and so it has been a very full and busy day!!

We have all our costumes cleaned, all the media done, and now it is time to sit back and enjoy a little ham and tater tots with a bottle of water for dinner and then it is early to bed for us as we have to be out of the house by five in the morning to brave the elements to arrive at our destination!

Wish us luck!!!


Once again I say Hello!!!!!!

I am back on the blog since I have a little time on my hands.
Yesterday I spent fixing the car again and it appears to be road worthy for another run. Tomorrow I will be heading back to Coney Island NY for “Magic at Coney”! The show promises to be a real fun time because I am sharing the stage with Omar Ollusion and Gary Dreiffus, both are full time pros that work feverishly to provide you, the audience, with the best in magical entertainment! I love how Omar does his “linking coat-hangers” and Gary’s “King of Carbonation”

As for me, I intend to do some pretty strange and wonderful effects; some are larger effects and some are smaller. In essence, the show is going to be a piece from my new show “Do You Believe a Magical Moment” which is, so far, garnering me repeat business! for more information and tickets go to

Also, this coming week I have four shows on top of the public appearance at Coney Island and they are mostly in the southern part of Pennsylvania, except on Thursday, where I will be in Liverpool New York. The following week I have the same volume of shows but I will be mostly in Upstate New York. The third week of the month I will be doing a convention at Hershey Park. I am really looking forward to hobnobbing with other performers in the area. I will be slammed that whole week!
Following that, I will be in Maryland for the first time in 2016 for a series of shows and that should about wind up the month of January for me. I am hopeful that the weather will hold out and that I will not have very more car troubles as I travel.
My goal for the year 2016 is to increase my volume and my target base. I suppose that is my goal every year, but I want to look at new ways to accomplish this.
Last year, I performed a bit over 300 shows and we did alright, but I would certainly like to take it up to the next level.
I would like to increase my county fair appearances as well as pre-schools. I did a share of them last year, but I don’t think it will hurt me to add a few more on the roster. Also, I am hopeful to possibly get a little work on a short cruise line. I will let you know if it works out, ok?
Till next time!!!

Niagara Falls magic pic

Back on the Road in the COLD!!!


Well today I am back on the road and it is so cold outside! Last night it got down to 5 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

I have the new act ready to go and with it some nice new additions that I am hoping to be putting out at the county fair circuit this year! Funny, but with that kind of environment, you have to be ever so mindful of the elements. Last year the weather at the East Coast was mild, but that is not guarantee this year. I have to make sure that not only is my equipment strong but in many cases, tide down also!
My new act for this year is called “Do You Believe a Magical Moment”. It is a jammed packed show with lots of surprises the likes of which I thought about and worked through most of the night just so that the choreography is just right. Knowing where to put things and ditch them is half the battle in a good magic show. Wasted steps are a huge distraction. My goal for this show is to have it at least as good as the Golden Age of Magic from last year.
That show was a hit for me as I was featuring that show quite literally all across the country. In a way, I am sorry I am not doing this show again because once a show is really broken in, the concentration shifts and focuses on the presentation exclusively. When breaking in a new show, I usually am very mindful of the set up and tear down, along with the choreography and timing with the music. This, you would think, would be the most anticipating element of the show, but for me, I am much more attracted to a fully broken in show.
My travel for the upstate NY area and the New England area are very selective during the winter months due to the treacherous weather conditions but that does not stop me from being very busy in any case during these harsh months. This month I am not only on the road, I am doing a convention and a public show at Coney Island New York this Sunday afternoon at 12:00PM I will be performing with Omar Ollusion and the MC for this fabulous event is Gary Dreifus and the location is Coney Island, USA
1208 Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11224

We have been having some pretty full houses when we perform and I am really looking forward to seeing you there if you can make it!!!

Coney Phil

Happy New Year 2016


Greetings Everyone!!

Happy New Year 2016! I certainly am looking forward to having a wonderful 2016!
2015 was a year that I was doing a lot of small tours to try and compensate for the overhead. I am happy to report that it was a much better year for us in doing that. As a result of bunching my shows closer together, I performed great quantities of shows without feeling like I was driving too much.
The gas prices came down considerably and that was a great help to me. It is funny, but the economists hate the fact that oil prices have reduced, but personally, I LOVE IT!!!!
I had a great deal more car maintenance incidents in 2015 because my car has been used quite a bit. Now it has well over 350,000 miles on it and I have about a little over 4 months to have it completely paid off.

winter storm linus pic
The winter was very cold and the snow was really tough!! I was fortunate that I only broke down once during a blizzard and I only had to reschedule three shows while only one show was cancelled due to the hazardous weather conditions.

my cousin cuffed
Early in 2015, I had the blessing of visiting with my cousin as he came to New York on business and he got involved with Magic at Coney. He also sampled a couple of the famous Nathan hot dogs before he flew back to the old country of Sacramento California.

phil out west yet again
My family and I traveled to to the West Coast to visit family and friends and I picked up a couple of gigs along the way.

new promo pic 2015
I did a lecture for IBM Ring #238 and had a fabulous time!
The trip was about a two week jaunt where my family and I drove literally across the United States…twice. When we came back home, I hit the ground running performing shows and it didn’t let up until the end of November. Still, December was busy but not the whirlwind that I had throughout the year of 2015.

Today I am resting as I had a very active New Years Eve schedule where I performed two private parties that were fairly close by and the pay is a very nice start for the year of 2016.

As far as my projections for 2016, I will post that very soon!
Until then, have a very Happy New Year!!!!


The Force is With Us


Greetings everyone!

My family and I are taking some time this evening to watch “Star Wars, The Force Awakens” so I have my new shirt on, (it looks good on me, if I do say) and it is a tee-shirt of Kylo Ren that I got for Christmas. I must confess that I was not one of the many that saw the movie opening day because I had a lot of work during the holiday season but that is fine because good things come to those who wait. Believe me, from what I have been hearing and reading, it will be well worth the wait.
I have a couple of shows this coming New Years Eve and I am really looking forward to it and the great thing about these shows is that they are fairly close in location and so I should be home well before midnight!
I have been also keeping my mind and spirit active by doing devotional readings and also some leisure reading from a book that I also got for Christmas called ‘Don’t Fool Yourself, the life of Dell O-Dell” It is well written and I am about half way through the book. I am really enjoying the read!
I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season!!
I will post my end of the year blog very soon!!

So long for now!!


The End is Near!!!


Greetings Everyone!!

Glad to be blogging again this week of Christmas 2015. We are creeping closer to the end of a very good year, for me anyway, and soon, I will blog some of the highlights and blessings, along with the challenges faced of this year when we get close to New Years.
I came to the realization of this closing of 2015 not just because of it being December, but I received a free calendar for 2016. It’s a nice one, worthy of display and so it hangs in the kitchen.
This time of the year is not only filled with holiday festivities, but also financial challenges. That seems rather odd if you think about it. I mean, I work hard every holiday season, I should be raking in the bucks! That said, some clients operate on what is called a net-30 and although I am used to this, when considering additional expenses that this festive holiday season brings, makes for a tight month. In addition, I have saved money for investing in new business and marketing expense was quite high also. If I didn’t do that then I think we would be doing much better financially in the immediate sense. Still, I do have reserves in the bank and so I am not too hard up, but like I say, it is tight right now. It is a good thing I got five shows this week.
Last week was kind of a light one for me as I had about three shows but the pay was good.
I was glad that the food poison ran its course and the fringe benefit of it was that I dropped about 7 pounds! Yahoo!!

I hope all of you are safe as there is a lot of traffic on the roads as we approach Christmas. Funny thing is that I have a show for a Christmas party in Manhattan on Christmas eve, so I should follow my own advice!!



Getting Over this blah!!!


Alright, now I am ready to get over this stupid food poison!!
I went a little overboard with that rant; my apologies.
I posted yesterday that even though I was down, I was not out for the count in getting bookings. Now, today, as I am composing this, I am looking to 2016 and the new show I am doing called “Do You Believe a Magical Moment?”. I have mentioned this show in other posts but I figured now is a good time to update you on its progress. I have gotten the script down and now all that is left is the score and of course, the run-through.
I am also getting ready for the convention that I am performing and show-casing in the month of January of 2016. A lot of little details to get taken care of, but by the end of the week, hopefully, that will not be a concern.
New markets are a challenge both financially and emotionally. They go hand-in-hand. But, no risk, no reward!



Howdy All!!

ON the mend from a bout of food poison. Nasty stuff. My kids and I were hit with it and it left me out for the count for a couple of days. Now I am getting my strength back and I am very thankful for that!
Off the grid for a couple of days gets a person like me, behind schedule in work and so I have to pick up the pace today and try and gain some ground. I am not too worried about it as of now because I have been getting some bookings, even in a horizontal position. So long as I don’t stay horizontal, that is what is important.
That reminds me of a incident I heard about some years ago in New York where a magician, (I don’t know his name) who was doing several shows at a time per day, actually collapsed on the street after his final show of the day and died. This fellow was a full timer and was constantly busy but apparently, it was his time to go and he exited doing what he loved to do!
This is not an unusual story: many people exit this world doing what they love doing. I think it is a very positive way of living. I remember reading about the famous comedian Dick Shawn who died on stage from a heart attack. A lot of people thought he was doing comedy, but when the curtain was called, they knew that it was no joke. The same thing happened to another magician and comedian Tommy Cooper, only this happened on national television.
I am not saying that I intend to go out that way…well…it is appealing, but I will have to do that some time much later in the future, thank you very much.


Busy Month Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greetings Everyone!!

I am sorry that I have not blogged earlier. I attempted and then the blog was mysteriously deleted so I am trying it again!
I don’t know if you had the chance to watch The Illusionists on NBC television last night but I understand that it went very well, as usual and I bring it up because it reminds me of when I got to see the show in Philadelphia PA earlier this year. Earlier blogs cover my coverage of the experience. In short, I had a wonderful time! It reminded me as to why I got into the business in the first place; it brought me back to the wonder I felt watching great magical entertainment!
I am busy again this month and it is a very nice cap to a whirlwind year of activity. I will not post yet on the end of the year summary of my adventures, that I will save for New Year’s day after I get up!
I want to update you a little on what I have in the fires for the coming year of 2016. I have been increasing my digital on-line carbon foot print in proportion to my increase of earnings. This, I admit, is a slower process than I would like, but I am starting to gain some traction. I firmly believe that one must access all available opportunities when free-lancing. So it is important not to single source when it comes to marketing. Some people do this and find it difficult to keep busy if they are full time. Also, it is important that as a full timer, to keep the calendar full with the right work. What I mean is that there is plenty of work out there, but some gigs may not be the right work. If I get a gig that may look good on paper and present a positive image on my portfolio but will cost me too much in overhead, it won’t be right for me. This is why I have been taking it slow on the on-line marketing. I want to make sure that I am balanced. You see, being well known is nice, but my main objective is to support my family and the challenge is for me to turn fame into fortune.
So, until next time, keep your spirits up!