I am so sorry that I have not been blogging recently, but we have been pretty busy with different projects in addition to the increase in my work on the road schedule!
My previous post about the Harry Potter release of the “Cursed Child” is right on track and I have a new show in the works for that release date of July 31st. I am hoping to capture pictures of the event for you. Suffice it to say that I will be appearing at the Books A Million book store with my show in Muncy PA at the Lycoming Mall for the special event. Details will be forth coming. If you are in the area and would like to stay up a little later to watch the late evening show, stop on by and check it out! It will be a huge celebration, the show time will be 11:00PM July 30th!
I have been increasing the number of school shows these days and that is right in line with what we have been working on in the marketing department. We want to market to both adult and children with clean family friendly quality magic shows and so far, it is going just fine!
I just got back from my Pittsburgh PA tour 2016 and it went very well. By that, I mean that I didn’t have any break downs with the car, nor were the hotel provisions lacking in any way. We budgeted very well for this one so that the over head for the trip was lower and that was a huge relief to me!
I payed off my car and it is a huge load off my mind now that it has a fair number of miles on it. I have about 468,000 miles on it, but it is highway miles and so that is better for the engine than just stop and go in the city, or so I have read. I guess I shall see. So far the only thing that I have replaced on the old vehicle is the alternator. That kicked out on me last winter during a blizzard in the middle of the night as I was returning home from Washington DC. The car is shaking rattling and rolling down the road and I suppose that as long as I continue to take care of it and watch what I do, I should be able to manage another year off of her.


This week is lighter than last week. Last week I performed 11 shows while this week is only six. But that doesn’t mean that I am slowing down, it just means that I have the aforementioned projects in addition. I will tell you more details in the near future!


I did a couple of shows for a school festival a couple of days ago and that went well. At first, I thought that the festival would be low in attendance due to the crazy weather we have been having lately, but I was wrong and both sets were full. It kind of reminded me of when I was at the Magic Castle some years ago and I was told not to expect a large crowd for my shows because of the weekend, but all shows were full capacity and the energy level was really high!
This series of shows afforded that same feeling, and I got some repeat business as a result of this.
It is critical to be good at what you do. I am not boasting, but am stating a necessity for continuing in any kind of business endeavor. If you want return or expanded business, be good at what you do and the word tends to spread around. Of course, it helps if you help it along the way also by telling people about your goods and services.

Till next time!!!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!!!!!!!


Coming July 31st 2016 is the new book in the Harry Potter Lore called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. If you are anything like me and love the stories that capture the imagination like Harry Potter, I am sure you will salivate in anticipation! What can you do to prepare for this event? Lots of people re-read the series from start to finish, other people try and build up their cosplay wardrobe, (some people do both), other people watch the movies and follow the story on line.
Here is something that businesses do to anticipate. They celebrate! Sounds like a great idea!
Folks, I want to let you in on a little something that I am working on; Harry Potter themed! I already have a magic show suited for a Harry Potter themed party and if you are looking to have a themed based party in anticipation of the new Harry Potter book, look no further!
More to come so stay tuned!!!!!!!!

Getting a Win!

new promo pic 2015

Mahatma Gandhi said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

I have spent my life being under-estimated. I used to be the president of the self-haters club and was convinced for a very long time that the club was international. Shows you how arrogant I really was in my self hate. That said, I had a change of heart not long ago…a few years anyway, that not only does this alleged club not exist, but that I offer something of value. I took that attitude to begin my services as a professional entertainer and shortly, I experienced the first phase of resistance; I was not taken too seriously by some and to my discredit, I actually believed some of the nay-saying. I allowed myself to be influenced and this put me in a bind, until I remembered what I have accomplished.
I am self motivated to achieve my goal. I proved this in college. Long before the internet, I went to many colleges (were thrown out of a few), and I finished via correspondent. Some at the time, thought that was strange, but in the work force, to be able to do this…before the internet, is very impressive! I took that to the next step to go to Graduate school. I was told by the leadership that I may not finish because they were not convinced that I was smart enough to keep up with the pace and hold a comparable GPA. Just so you know, I did finish and my GPA was a 3.83.
If that didn’t convince me that I have what it takes to get it done and accomplish my dreams, nothing will.
Fast forward to now. I have been in show business for over a decade (time flies), I have not allowed the nay-saying of people influence me like it did. I think that if you take that old saying from Gandhi, just being acknowledged is at least something! Now the challenge is to fight. I fight to feed my family and get ahead and leave a legacy for my family. I believe that if I persist faithfully, I will eventually win the prize!
Just sayin…


I Ain’t Done!


I ain’t dead, so I ain’t done! I am just taking it a bit on the hectic side now as I have been increasing my bookings for the year! The slow period that is typical for this time of the year is just about over. Yesterday I shared the stage along with “Rogue” the magician noted for his appearance on “America’s Got Talent” on television. His act was very enjoyable! I loved his version of the “water-monte”. I think that was my favorite routine of his act. He was very strong on the stage, the audience loved it, and before you knew it, he disappeared off to another gig in Long Island! Whoa!!!!

This pic was taken at an earlier time and you will note that “Rogue” was doing the staple gun challenge!

I have another blog that I dedicate to the traveling magicians located on http://crossonmagic.blogspot.com/ and there, I post video footage of what it is like to do what I do. If you are interested, and you are a traveling magician, or aspiring to that laudable line of work, please check it out!

Three examples of traveling magicians. From left to right Gary Dreifus, Lee Alan Barrett and Omar Olusion

This week is a little lighter in that I have four shows. Three in Upstate New York, and one in upper New Jersey. In the mean time, I am replacing tires and soon, I will be replacing shoes. It is getting close, but I still am able to use them. Currently, I am inflating my front tires before I go out. That is how bad they are. But hopefully tomorrow, I will have them replaced. Usually I go through a set about twice a year. Yesterday I decided to take the mini-van to the show as I didn’t know how deep the pot holes were in New York. But I won’t spoil the story here, read about it at the aforementioned blog and you will be amused at the very least!!

pothole pic0807122255a


Once again tis I!

I will be making an appearance on Valentines Day at the Wyalusing Presbyterian Church located at 179 Church St. Wyalusing, Pennsylvania 18853 The show time is 1:00PM but come early because there are other activities happening before the show and I think you will really love it! Bring your friends for Sunday school, worship, lunch and a special show to wind it all up!
new promo pic 2015
The event is called “Friends Day” and when you come to the event, hitch up a friend to join in the fun!!

You may have seen this before, but I will post it again!!

This is a public appearance so come on out!!!

Have a good one!!!!

I Beat the Snow!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you are probably thinking: Those don’t look like pictures of snow!! You are so right, but they still look pretty good anyway. You see, I did what I seldom do in my travels, and that is, I beat the snow coming home from performing. It doesn’t sound like such a big victory but to me it is because I had expected to be chancing a big storm and essentially crawling home in the blizzard like I did at the convention a few weeks ago. This did not happen for me as I thought. When I departed out of Townson Maryland, the snow was just starting and then it picked up to where it started affecting traffic. I then prepared myself for the long haul emotionally and mentally and I made sure that I drove with the utmost of safety. The snow started to let up a bit the further north I went until I arrived at home where there was none. I was only about 15 minutes later than I would have been otherwise in getting home! I beat the snow! I offer further this proof; when I woke up this morning the place was already blanketed with at least an inch of snow and the forecast calls for more today.

Even though these pictures really don’t reflect what I went through, don’t you think that they are kinda nice anyway?

I will attempt to post another blog very soon to catch you up to speed as to what I am doing and where I will be appearing. Until next time, SOOOOOOOOOOO long!!!

Back from Connecticut!

appearig flowers

phil at elm terrace gardens 2.

Greetings Again!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got back from Connecticut from doing a show and I will tell you that it was just a great time! I was amazed that I didn’t have a bunch of trouble in traffic but it was just as smooth as silk on the road. I confess that while it was raining, I was a little worried that my equipment was going to be damaged while I was unpacking, but all went well even with that!
Performance space was quite small, but I adjusted accordingly. This reminds me of something I read a little while ago. It was from a person that did what is called “busking”. This term is unfamiliar to many people but it refers to someone who performs on the street.

at the Mushroom Fest near Philadelphia

This type of entertainment is exclusively at the mercy of the elements and when it rains, no work.
The picture that I have posted above is from last year’s Mushroom Festival near Philadelphia. I was on the roster for two shows and I was able to get one and a half shows down before the rain changed the conditions. I have had incidents like this happen before and I have in the past, belly ached, complained and even gone as far as throw a tantrum. However, as I go on in the business, I have learned that such problems with the weather is just one of the pit-falls that I just need to accept. I have taken this into when I have to drive in the bad weather.
I spent a great deal of time stressing about the weather last year; fearing flooding, snowing, freezing and the like. What a waste of energy!

I have two school shows tomorrow in upstate New York. The weather is not going to be too bad. There is supposed to be a little snow in New York City but I don’t think it will do it very much in Upstate New York tomorrow.

See ya on the flip side!!!!!!!

Ramping up!!!!!!!!

Close up Magic

Greetings all again!

I am ramping things up my way as I have got some shows coming along. I mentioned them on my last blog and so I won’t bore you with the gory details, so don’t worry. I make mention of this because I have been getting calls for shows and so now my calendar is starting to look a little better! I don’t want to break that momentum either. You see, sometimes when I am on the road, shows can interrupt…in a way. Here is how: I have to silence my devices when I go on, and when I get finished and loaded back up in the car, I check my devices and discover that a potential client left a message for me or maybe called and somehow, I was not able to get to it for various reasons and I am left scrambling to try and re-establish contact.
I tend to get a little wigged out at that because I do not want to lose any work if I can possibly help it!
Today I washed my uniform and made sure my props were in good working order, along with other paperwork and business. It was a little hectic, but it is now starting to look a little smoother.
If you will recall from my last blog, I was out of sorts the other day due to a cold and so now, I am trying to catch everything up that I missed.

dazzling close up magical illusions!

So, for the remainder of this blog, I am enjoying some Strauss music and taking a little break from the hectic time. I wonder if I should have another cup of coffee?

Back at it again, but a slight headache!

phil out west yet again

You read the title right that I am back at it again only I have a headache because I have a cold. I started feeling the symptoms Saturday night following a birthday party show I did locally. It blew up in the middle of the night and I have been laying low now for a couple of days trying to knock the snot (literally) out of this cold! I have a couple of days lee way and then I am off to do four more shows this week. One show in CT and the rest in around the upstate New York area and New Jersey. Also in two weeks I will be performing at the Wyalusing Presbyterian Church located at 102 Church Street. More information to follow!


Fair season is right around the corner and I am hopeful that I will be busy doing those as I am attempting to expand into that market base a bit more aggressively!

This past month of January was pretty good work wise, I performed close to 20 shows (not bad for a slow month) and I booked 28 shows so things are humming along.

If you will notice the top hat I am wearing, I am very proud to announce that my wife made that hat for me! She is so creative and is ever so trying new and wonderfully creative ways of getting the word out about our services! Check out the design she created for our business!

Not only that, she also made the top hat she wore at the convention as well!

So then what is our goal? Our goal is to expand our marketing base, create diverse shows that cater to these market bases and continue to get the word out!!

Sounds simple, and in fact, it would be much simpler if I didn’t have a headache! Where’s the Advil?