“100 Miles Off Broadway”

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Our way off Broadway show is loaded with fun. We performed this show at the Clazmagic Theater but now are putting it on the road! This show is jammed with some surprises and is set to a story line of a magician and his wife sent by their agent to do a gig that has the status of … “Broadway”. Imagine the delight of the magician’s wife! Finally! After all this sacrifice, all those shoddy gigs in back rooms with your names spelled wrong, working your fingers to the bone, living in suitcases, heckled and jeered and now finally, FINALLY, someone appreciates your quality to desire…no…DEMAND your presence to entertain the huddled masses of humanity. But with agents, you know there is a catch. To convince these worn out magicians to perform, the bait was an off Broadway production roughly a hundred miles in Scranton PA.
The pictures you see are from a gig my wife and I performed in Manhattan New York at the Museum of Natural History to an audience of several hundred. Good times!!

Magic Show for Seniors!

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I love performing for senior citizens! Today 11/14/13 I performed for Seniors near Pitsburgh PA.  The show was called “The Magic of Autum and it featured my one man act with a whole lot of color! This is very appropriate since the winter will see so little color unless you can find it under all the snow:)

Tommorow I am on the road again performing and plan to provide a delightful show for another audience. This show is called Holiday snow turkey feathers and mistle-toe and it should be a blast!

Here is another clip


Family Magic Show

Life is so amazing!

My last blog entry covered a little about our Gospel Magic Show and I have to tell you that I am so very excited about this!

I am also very excited about our family magic show: Let me kind of paint a picture of what that looks like… Better yet, let me show you a little clip Levitation illusion at the Rio Theater

This was filmed back in 09 in a little town in Oregon. It was a show that my partner and  I along with the family performed called A Magical Review. This show featured  a few grand scale illusions such as “The Strange Appearance”. This is a vintage illusion not performed in a great many years! Too bad, it’s a great illusion, but have no fear, we do this illusion!

Another grand scale illusion we do is the  Umbrella Box of Death!

Want another sample? Well here it is!


This was performed in Queens NY Sept.11th Patriot Day. At the end of the illusion demonstration, we led the audience in the singing of the national anthem. Theis moved the audience and this was a very memorable moment that was very…Magical!

Once in a Lifetime

Hello Again!

Lots of things happening in my world these days. I assume that everyone is getting ready for the holiday season. I am very amused by this date 11-12-13 not only is this the time in which I compose this blog entry, but it is a once in a lifetime day!

Once in a lifetime is an attactive phrase albeit a trifle overused in my opinion.

But let me just update you on what we have been doing and creating at Crosson Magic to make your event a “Once in a Lifetime” experience:

We have developed a brand new Gospel Magic show suitable for evangelism outreach.

This is very special to me as I am a Christian and have served in the Pastoral setting in my past. This show is both energetic and entertaining as well as thoughtful and tasteful for your outreach event.  Unlike some outreach events, this show is non-didatic in its format but fast paced, colorful with a sound message of the Gospel at the conclusion of the show as I give my testimony of how I became a Christian.

This show is able to meet your Church outreach needs as we supply illusions for a large or small setting. My family assists both on stage and off to ensure a smooth family based experience.


Magic is an Art

Phil at Coney

Greetings all!

I hope you like this picture of me. It was taken when I performed at the Coney Island Theater. This picture is sentimental to me for several reasons. One, it reminds me of where my art comes from.

The art of magic or illusion did not originate from the dark arts associated with certain pagan customs. The art of magic originated from the streets in carnival settings. The art came from the jugglers. I put it like this; illusion or magic is to juggling what pantomime is to clowning.

In all fairness however, the art of magic has been used for religious purposes and dark practices, but so has science and other fields. It’s all a matter of optics.

Road Warrior


Greetings all!

I just wanted to let you know that I have been absent from social media for a while but have  not forgotten to update with what I have been up to. I am hoping that this blog will be useful for those of you who wish to follow my goings out.

A colleague of mine said to me recently that I should develop a niche. Great advice! However, this takes a whole lot of time and effort. Currently,  my time and effort is taken in travel on the road to different parts of the country performing to paying audiences. Consequently, I do not have the time necessary to spend developing a new niche of the Clazmagic Theater. So, as of yesterday October 31st,  ( what an irony) we closed it down. This is not to say that it will not re open again in the future at a different location, but for now, I think that it is a wise choice to embrace my current niche as a traveling road warrior for now.

Recently, I have been all over the New England states as well as Maryland, Virginia and the like. The weather this year has been very favorable to me and I am very thankful for that.

Yesterday (Oct.31st) was my busiest traveling day as I did four shows in different locations. One in Queens NY and two in Danbury CT and one in Orange NJ. I want to thank my son, Pete for helping me in this. The previous day I performed in Boston MA and got home kind of late.

The show that I have been doing September and October has been my Tricks as a Treat; Nothing is as it Seems magic show complete with appropriate music and lots of surprises. Now I will be focusing on the Holidays Turkey Feathers Snow and Mistletoe magic show that I put together in 2012. This show had two aspects; one was a large family magic show complete with two assistants and with two illusions of grand scale and the second was the one man show.



Hello world!


I want to thank my best friend Ray Knerl (Ramoan T. Verona) for creating this new blog for the CrossonMagic site. This blog is intended to update the viewer(s) of what is going on in the business of my career as a professional entertainer.

I will attempt to be as constant as the Northern Lights to update this blog.  Also, I will let you know by my blog entries where I will be performing and if they are public events so that you can possibly look me up if you are able!