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Here I am at the busy season and I want to make sure that I am doing a bit more than I did last year because I have been hearing in the wind that there is a slow down in our economy…I mean even…slower. So….what does this mean for someone like me? I have to do more DSM (direct sales marketing) while I am already on the road. I have a set up in my car where I can make it into an almost portable office. Now that may seem sleek, but it makes for cramped spaces even more cramped. But a fellow has got to do what a fellow has got to do, right? I also try and get repeat bookings from the clients as well as additional bookings from other people that may be interested in my services!
Oh by the way, if you have read some of my earlier blogs, I may have mentioned this individual:
Brush the Great
His name was Edwin Brush, or “Brush the Great”. A very close friend of mine who met him years ago, said of him that he was so neatly dressed at all times, carried himself as very respectable and professional. My friend met him at a Church. Brush was a devout Christian and performed at the Church as well as the local YMCA. As he was about to board a bus to go back to Stockton California, a person stopped him and as it turned out, Brush was booked again for a corporate event on the spot. Naturally, the magician changed his plans and bus schedule and rode out to the event. At the time I thought, “how romantic and adventurous!” I must confess, this line of work does have some of those benefits from time-to-time.
Yesterday, I did a school show that went well. These kids were rewarded for a fundraising drive for their school and I was part of that reward. I made sure I was on my game!
The previous day I was in Upstate NY doing a series of shows for senior citizens and it was the first time they had a magician on their campus. The feedback was that they thoroughly enjoyed the show. That is good because I had a lot of fun as well! This is what the late Steven Covey wrote as “synergy”. The audience anticipates and the performer delivers, can’t get any better than that!
Tomorrow, I have a local fair I am performing at the Kingston Armory in Wilkes Barre PA for a few hours of strolling magic. Should be fun and tiring. I have worked through my box of cards that I need to get some new ones and break them in before tomorrow morning. Have to clean the costume and shine the shoes too.
Fortunately, I was able to update my tails jacket and now it looks really flashy! My hair is trimmed and I feel pretty good about things right about now.
Got to get a move on, but thanks for stopping by!

Till next time!!


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