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I am back posting yet again. I am getting ready for a couple of shows in upstate New York and MA and then will be rehearsing the Harry Potter show coming up next month. Got the music all situated and the scripting down, just need to do a couple of run-through passes to get the feel down. The tricky thing is to get the spacing down as it will be at the event! Hopefully, it will not be too cramped at the event. In case you are curious, this event will be at the Lycoming Mall “Books A Million” June 30-31st. Details are forth coming.
Next week will be my wedding anniversary! I was married to my lovely wife 27 years ago and we are taking a much needed breather at the lovely town of Mystic CT. Very appropriate for a magician and his wife, right?
Well, I gotta go so I will keep you posted a little later!


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