About Phil

About Phil Crosson


     Phil got started in magic at a very early age. By age 15 he was already working as a semiprofessional,  performing at birthday parties, retirement homes and school functions. Phil returned to performing while  doing graduate work at Multnomah University as a way to supplement his income. By the time he completed his Graduate Certificate, Phil was working as a full time professional magician.


       Phil has honed his skills through thousands of performances. He has  studied magic and performance at the Chavez School of Prestidigitation and Manipulation,  with magic greats Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger at the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas,  and  was personally tutored by master magician, Shimada.

     After performing full time for 2 years on the West coast, Phil moved to the East Coast and is now serving the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as well as Connecticut,  Maryland,  Delaware,  and Washington DC. Phil recently produced a successful holiday magic show, “100 Miles Off Broadway” at the ClazMagic Theater. Performing over 350 shows per year,  Phil continues to offer the very best entertainment value, booking shows through his company, Crosson Magic.

     Phil resides with his wife and four children.


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