A Little Breather

IBM Computers holiday party 2

Great to be with you all again!

Taking a little breather as I have just finished two and a half weeks of solid bookings that had me really running!
It really doesn’t do justice to keep plugging how busy I am without just showing you… (Assuming the care meter is in my favor that is). Why do I post anyway? Well, I have always thought that the strange job I have is worthy of noting. I have met people who also have done very strange jobs.
I went to college with a fellow that spent a summer working on a farm and cleaned manure from farm equipment. That is a strange job that I would not like to follow nor chronicle in any vivid detail. Suffice it to say, it was a dirty job he was glad to eventually walk away from. On the other hand, some would consider being a full time professional magician right about in that same level of interest as the farm hand cleaning manure. Obviously, I cater to those faithful folk that hold a different view on the matter.
That said, there can be a fair amount of…wait for it…BS that goes along too! I am not in the habit of complaining and so, please don’t take what I say as a rant or a complaint, but merely an observation of a typical day in the life of a professional magician. BS comes in many forms; from payment of services, to performing of services. The great Kramien had a saying that went “No dough, no show.” It came from the vaudeville era to stipulate the obvious. He held true to that saying I can tell you and he counseled many entertainers to do the same. He felt that a showman is worth the work and effort and it should be reflected by the fact that the client is not going to cheat.
I like to think that a client generally doesn’t think to cheat by denying payment for services rendered, but like all businesses, it requires constant vigilance to be current. The power company can’t continue to operate if they didn’t expect payment of services. This is why they pester their clients to pay their bills and if the clients are hard up, the company offers ways in which the client can satisfy the payment. This is not unusual, nor should it be unusual for an entertainer to be vigilant on keeping his/her payment record current and not feel weird in asking the client to honor the contract.
The second BS is the performance aspect. A magician has an additional hurtle to clear to be taken seriously. Most people put a magician in a big pool of people that include hobbyists, and enthusiasts. A good professional magician has to prove that he/she is in a completely different pool altogether and then keep the heat up so as to earn the respect. I don’t believe that musicians have that same challenge, theirs are different.
Well, off I go again! Talk to you later!!


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