2017 Is On The Road

Greetings again everyone reading!!

I am back on the road again today to do a local magic show for some senior citizens and I am in the process of beginning to break in my new 2017 show called “Magical Flight of Fancy” which features some old and new (for me) material that is sure to bring a smile to the face!

I recently bought a sketch book because when I was performing as Santa during the 2016 holiday, I met a very interesting photographer that also took with him a sketch book. He actually had two of them. He was very attached to those sketch books that he even named them! Alas, I forgot the names, but the idea inspired me to pick up the drawing hobby again and I must say that I am very thankful that I haven’t forgotten all of my techniques. It is very relaxing and I have narrowed my subject matter for the time being. I am sketching parlor/stage magicians and Santa, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Rather boring to some and that is why I keep the sketching to…myself. But it is a way of unwinding after a long hard day or two on the road! I make it a point to sketch what I am interested in and that helps me keep focus. The stress of money and work take a much needed back seat during those sessions of listening to Mozart, and sketching. I try to do this before I go to sleep but sometimes, as is the case with show business, you have to make the most of the little time you have during busy times.

Speaking of that, Let me share with you a little blast from the past

Now as I am about to embark out…I go from this:

To this…

with great joy and anticipation for 2017! Happy New Year!!

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